Ceylon Handmade Wax Batik Sarong Red & Black

Ceylon Handmade Wax Batik Sarong Red & Black

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Batik is a small scale industry in Sri Lanka and most of the lady workers are involving of the production process. Batik incorporate many motifs and colours, some traditional, others highly contemporary and individual. Since each batik piece is individually handmade, the colour and design may vary. Originally, when batik making was a cottage industry, one artist created the entire batik from start to finish. 100% Cotton handmade quality Sri Lankan traditional Wax Batik Sarong production completed by using water, batik dye stuff, paraffin wax, Bee wax. Washable and durable batik sarong. It is very comfortable and can wear for any occasion.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Washable and durable batik sarong
  • Can wear for any occasion
  • Wax Batik Sarong


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